We believe your leads want a leasing process that's Autonomous.

No more sales pitches or scheduling tours. Don't make your leads wait for your manager to call them back or hope they don't move-on to the next place. Give them instant access to what you have to offer and the abilty to tour and apply without ever talking to them.

Leads can lease an apartment in 3 steps.

1. Schedule.

Leads can schedule their tour through your EazyPin page that can be connected to your website or sent to them via email or text.

2. Tour.

They are then shown an access pin on the touring-app to view your open apartments whenever is most convienent for them.

3. Apply.

Once they tour they are automaticaly sent an email with a link to your application and any other info you would like to include.

This isn't just a leasing tool this is somthing New.

Culture is changing and the proccess of leasing an apartment today is out-dated and out of touch with consumers. They don't want to sit down with your manager or take your handout material. They just want to see an apartment and see it without having to wait or be haggled by a leasing agent.

Boost Efficency.

Cut down on labor and let your apartment comlex run itself. You will recieve an email everytime somone tours an apartment so you can see who they are and reach out to them as well.

Capture Leads.

Allow your leads to take immediate action with no involvment from you or your manager. No more worring about answering every phone call. This is about maximizing efficiency.

Cut office Hours.

Not only can you cut down on office hours but you can start "showing" aprtments after 5:00pm and during weekends. Why are leasing offices only open when leads are working 9-5?

Adapt to Culture.

We realize this is a cultural change as much as it is an innovation. We know owners can be worried about letting leads view their apartments un-monitered but challenge them to have an open-mind and reap it's benifits.

For Multi-Family & Single Family Rentals.

We custimize a package to fit your needs.

$300 A Month Includes.

A user-friendly admin dashboard where you can update open units/access pins.

1-3 pin-pads that can be easily installed or removed.

Your sharable link that is yourname.eazypin.com

Free tech support for 1-month to get your EazyPin Page up and integrated with your website.

Leads can lease an anapartment in 5 Easy Steps.

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We would love to have a conversation and see how we can help you achieve your goals and answer any specifics.